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Is There Magic in Your Work?

Diane Disney was quite the influence on her father. So much in fact, that he credited her with inspiring him to build Disneyland in California, and eventually Disney World in Orlando. Ironically, Walt wanted Disney World to be in metro New Orleans on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  The Disney Corporation was already lining up parcels of property on New Orleans’ North Shore for their second park when the little town of Orlando, Florida, offered a marriage proposal with a dowry that Walt couldn’t refuse.  In fact, rumor has it, Orlando was chosen for its land to build EPCOT with the second park being a concession to get the financing.

After learning that bit of history, I found myself digging into some of Disney’s messages for success. For one, he kept it simple and straightforward. He identified four keys to Disney’s great guest experience – Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency.  What are the four keys to your event planning experience?

When you look to hire a business event partner, how deep to you dig to discover their values?  During your DMC interview are you asking questions that help you determine the best fit for a team that will not only be your partner, but who also practices the same work ethic you do?

PRA New Orleans Event Producer, Monica Price, grew up on the North Shore of New Orleans and while Walt made his decision to select Orlando over Monica’s back yard years before she was born, she grew up with a passion for Disney – some might actually call it an obsession!   While she doesn’t show up to work wearing a Mickey Mouse hat, she does have Disney’s core values instilled in her work ethic and relates them daily to her responsibilities and service to our guests.  She thinks of every event as the “Show.”

Disney Core Values:

  • Innovation – Monica practices by developing new and unique ideas for client experiences.
  • Quality – Monica practices by carrying out those ideas with the highest standards ensuring the best for our clients.
  • Community – Monica practices by leveraging her relationships with local vendors and suppliers and supporting our community whenever possible.
  • Storytelling – Monica practices by working with the sales and design team to paint the picture of the event through the guest experience.
  • Optimism – Positivity is a strongpoint of this “Eventsketeer”.
  • Decency – Always authentic with clients, vendors and


Monica wants to bring unparalleled experiences to clients, and she will create the “magic” for your next event in New Orleans with a winning mindset and a thought of what Walt would do.

How will you weave the magic into your work?