Digital Experiences

What are Digital Experiences? At PRA, we think of them as the human connection part of the digital world. It’s taking the interactive moments that highlight your meetings and events – and making them virtual, so guests can still have the memorable touchpoint, from any location.

We take our local New Orleans destination expertise and incorporate all the elements our guests love about the city – award-winning chefs, music, and culture – and customize them into a digital experience.

With our curated experiences, you can engage clients, connect with your staff, team build and bring people together for special, shared moments. Times may be changing but the power of meetings and what we believe is not. A sample of our curations include:

  • Activities + Excursions
  • Cocktail Experiences
  • Culinary Experiences
  • CSR
  • Delivered Experience Boxes
  • Entertainment
  • Speakers
  • Teambuilding
  • Wellness

Health Screening Logistical Services for Covid-19 Support

With tools and services that connect you to answers and actions, PRA New Orleans is your partner for smooth group movement experiences, onsite health screen logistics, queued waiting areas and more. Our agility and experience to navigate the new realities of onsite screen processes is backed by our decades of operational expertise in moving large crowds and your solution for any social distancing logistical challenge.

  • Safety Considerations & Infrastructure
  • Personnel and Staffing Services
  • Triage Staging Zones & Holding Areas
  • Crowd Flow Diagrams
  • Signage
  • Line Management – Stanchions & Barricades
  • Furniture Rental
  • Tenting
  • Power, Lighting and Production Support
  • Portable Restrooms and Hand Washing Stations
  • Event Permitting
  • Local Police Assistance + Security Services
  • Employee Shuttle Services

Transportation Logistics

From the moment your attendees step off the plane, the first impression of the destination begins. Let it start off right with a seamless transportation experience. Our intimate knowledge of New Orleans, solid local infrastructure and experienced expertise are the components of a successful, worry-free transportation experience for your guests. We’ve won many awards for this kind of stuff. Rest assured we really know what we are doing.

  • Shuttle Transportation
  • Arrivals & Departure
  • Event Transfers
  • Sponsorship & Branding
  • Program Logistics
  • Staffing
  • City Agency Coordination
  • Site Inspection/Selection
  • Signage & Printed Materials

Authentic Activities & Excursions

We get to know the unique traits that define you and the authentic cultural experiences that define New Orleans. Our local knowledge takes you beyond the ordinary and expected. The hidden gems, the unbeaten path, the behind-the-scene activities only we can secure. That’s how we develop our authentic destination experience for your meetings and events. Activities, tours and excursions that connect you with the people, places and things that make New Orleans unique – these are often the most lasting and sharable moments of any trip.

  • Local Excursions
  • Behind the Scenes Activities
  • Sightseeing Excursions
  • Museums & Art Gallery Excursions
  • Wine Tastings
  • Cooking Classes
  • Guest/Spouse Programs
  • Boating/Local Cruising/Harbor Excursions
  • Shopping Excursions
  • Helicopter Excursions & more

Activities & Team Building

Whether it is to strengthen your corporate values, build camaraderie or address team challenges, we begin by understanding your objectives, your unique company culture, and the key drivers that will lead to your success. This knowledge will then serve as the foundation of a program specifically designed to achieve positive results.

  • City Highlights
  • Recreational Events
  • Sporting Competitions
  • Team Challenges
  • Guest Programs

Event Production

Bold originality based on a real understanding of you is what makes a special event so unique. While our team has won many awards for innovative event production, the secret is knowing what kinds of ideas will resonate with your guests and help you achieve your goals for your business meetings and events.

  • Theme, Décor & Florals
  • Venue Selection
  • Food & Beverage
  • Entertainment
  • Audio Visual
  • Staging

Incentive Programs

Nothing motivates your team more than recognition and rewards. Your staff worked hard. Now it’s time to play with an unforgettable and entertaining destination program. Our wide-range of unique incentive programs ensures a personalized, authentic experience. Once you decide on the perfect destination, complete an RFP and we’ll connect you with an event expert who will help you customize the program to fit your needs.

  • Hotel Selection
  • VIP Transportation
  • Unique, Authentic Excursions
  • Relaxation Packages & Engaging Activities
  • Attendee Gifts

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Give back. Serve others. Build together. We all have a responsibility to positively impact our communities. And, the good will of giving back creates a positive impact on your brand. Working with you we craft programs that support local organizations, strengthen communities, protect the environment and create opportunity.


  • Literacy Outreach Programs
  • Military Care Packages
  • Local School & Playground Makeovers
  • Beach & Park Clean Ups
  • Build-A-Bike Workshops
  • Hospital Care Packages
  • Fundraising Events