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Jeff O’Hara

CMP, DMCP, President

It is safe to say that I always knew I would follow an entrepreneurial path. As a young boy growing up in Upstate New York, I took on a newspaper route as soon as I was old enough, at the age of 12. Many kids didn’t think much of slogging through the snow in the dark for two hours after school every day, but for me it was an opportunity to gain some financial freedom. I used the contacts I made on the newspaper route to gain customers for my snow shoveling and lawn mowing services. Snow days were great – no school AND I could make some money! In the summer I hauled a model of perhaps the first ever gasoline powered lawnmower (My Dad must have picked it up at a garage sale in the 60’s. He was never big on “modern conveniences.” Still doesn’t have cable)

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Cindy Hayes

CMP, DMCP, General Manager

It all started over 30 years ago when I graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge. I was the typical college grad needing a job. I had worked summers and breaks for major oil companies in New Orleans and Baton Rouge and thought for sure my part-time jobs would land me that high dollar position with a great benefits package following graduation. WRONG! Oil industry folks were getting laid off. Not the right time to get in! Swallowing my pride, I moved back home with my parents and accepted an administrative assistant positon with the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Got my foot in the door! Yes, I had earned a B.S. in Business and my annual starting salary was $10,500 – enough money to pay my car note and

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Lindsey Rinaudo

Regional Sales Manager

I was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana which I can attribute my very twangy accent to, but I am a New Orleans girl at heart! I come from a big, crazy Italian family who knows how to keep you on your toes. I had such an amazing childhood thanks to my fun-loving parents, big sister and sweet grandparents. Even though my whole family lives in Shreveport, we are very close and see each other often.
After I graduated from LSU Baton Rouge (GeauxTigers!) with a Bachelors in Food Science and Nutrition, my 3 best friends and I moved from New Orleans to begin a new adventure in the Big Easy! In 2017 I scored my first position in hospitality as a Sales Coordinator at the historic Le Pavillon Hotel. Within the first week I knew that the hospitality industry was where I was meant to be! I immediately fell in love with the New Orleans beauty and charm that Le Pavillon embodied. There was always a liveliness in the air when new guests came into the hotel and I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t long before I wanted a larger role with a broader range of responsibility.

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Hannah Wagner

Event Coordinator

I graduated from the University of Louisiana State University spring of 2022, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Administration with a double minor in Business and Mass Communication.
During my time at LSU, I served as a Delta Delta Delta member. During that time, I was the event coordinator for all Delta Delta Delta only social events for the year 2019. Where I would put on social events for 300 members pre Covid-19. During the pandemic, I had to break up the social events to meet all the University and States new requirements. Fun fact: I lived in the sorority house junior and senior year with 51 other girls.
While attending LSU my freshman and sophomore year, I also worked for the LSU baseball team as a Bat Girl during the seasons. I had the best experience going to all the games and meeting some of my closest friends.

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Jessica Wilkinson

Senior Event Producer

I grew up in swampy Cajun country outside Lafayette, Louisiana, with a Texan father and Honduran mother who grew up in New Orleans. New Orleans culture entered my life early, through my Abuelita (Bita) who remained a steadfast New Orleanian for the rest of her days. My first visit came before I could walk, and left an indelible mark. No matter how many times I left, I kept coming back! After graduating from LSU with a degree in interior architecture and design, I moved to NYC for an internship. That is where my passion for special events began – I had to pay the bills somehow and working events for a catering company did the trick. My next move to Royal Caribbean as an event planner kept me moving up and down the coast and through the islands, but I never forgot home or that intoxicating New Orleans spirit. So…back I came! For the next several years I focused my experience on designing and operating high end, custom events and weddings. Now that I’ve worked in the events industry in New Orleans for over a decade, I know that my favorite part is seeing the clients’ faces when they walk into an event that I designed for them. Surprise, delight and then a big smile as they see all the planning and preparation transformed into our mutual unique vision.

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