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Read about Jamie Shear’s Experience at PRA New Orleans

My marketing internship at PRA New Orleans played an essential role in my final semester in college. This internship introduced me to a fantastic team of people, allowed me to explore more of this unique city, and gave me invaluable professional experience.

From my first day at PRA, everyone was welcoming and made me feel at home. I was quickly able to see what is essential to this team – authenticity of character and product, acknowledgment of achievements, and quality of service. As a marketing intern, I used these values when promoting the PRA New Orleans brand .

I gained experience working on various social media platforms, adhering to a brand standard, and furthering my writing skills through communications to clients and suppliers. When designing content for social media and marketing communications, I researched the city of New Orleans, from top 10 lists to current events and news. I especially enjoyed this aspect of the job because I learned so much about this city that I would never have known through my prior experiences, and it allowed me to generate more authentic content that catered to PRA’s audience. Working alongside the PRA team, and attending some events, showed me all of the hard work that goes into event production and I am always impressed by the authentic experiences PRA puts together.

After graduating in May, I will continue on to be a 2019 Venture for America Fellow. Whether I find myself staying in New Orleans or exploring a new city, I know I will always have a home to come back to and the PRA New Orleans family!